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pandaberryjam in ff12insanity

How Long FFXII take you to Beat??

I'm nearing my 150th hour and still attempting to beat FFXII. It's not as though I can't finish the game, *the end is near!* it's just that I have to finish EVERYTHING. I'm more than 2/3rd's of the way done with the hunts (I'm Order of Ambrosia, eat that up!), with the exception of Rare Spawn I'm almost done with the Beastiary, everyone's near lvl 80, I've beat Hellwyrm, Gilgamesh and many more.

Anyway, out of curiosity -- even if you're not as sudo-video game perfectionistic as I am, how much time did it take you to complete the game? If you're not done yet (like me) what's your current count?

I'll keep playing until I complete the Clan Figure Collection XD I just love those little animated GIF's! That and I need more happy Larsa time! Maybe I'll cosplay as you when i'm not so swamped...


I've beaten the game, mainly because I'm impatient and wanted to see how it all ended. lol But I have continued to try and get everything in the game, and I am well over 225 hours. There is just so much to do in this game!
Yea, I'm starting to think that's what will happen with me v-v I accidently started the Bahamut cinamatic and then got really freaked out that I could see the end in sight.

I applaud you, though! Getting to 225 hours! Now that's one snazzy accomplishment!!
Well you've done a whole lot more than I have!!! I haven't done any of the level 7 mark hunts and I don't have Zodiark or what's it's face that other hard to get esper?! ;)

I've beaten the game in 70 hours, but again, I haven't come close to completing everything.
Zodiark is the only esper I still need -- and I've been waiting to get um, since I adore that esper!!

I finished the game at around 100 hours with the beastiaries and hunts and espers and stuff 70% complete. Half a year later i picked up the game again OTL Almost finished my second playthrough before deciding it was too much trouble to start over the sidequests, and am now jamming around my first playthrough's file at 140 hours doing pretty much what you're doing. I usually don't care for total completion of a game, but there's just something abut FFXII that compells you to.... (also possibly because i wanna stall ending the game for as long as possible XD Yiazmat will certainly help with that.)
Yiazmat haunts my dreams -.- After the Hellwyrm I just couldn't stop thinking: 50 MILLION HP POINTS!!
I think it took me 115 hours or so to beat the game. I was kind of lollygagging at first, but for the second half or so I sat down for about a week solid and played until I had it beat.

I still haven't beaten all the hunts, lol. (I kind of doubt I ever will, either... XD;; )
I play my games semi like that. I play in bulk and then just don't touch it for a long while and then play thirty-hours straight XD
Hee, yeah, I'm that way a lot of the time too. 15-hour binge -> put it down for three months -> 15-hour binge -> etc...
Yea, I'm pretty much the same way. I do it with most games *just picked up Okami after a half a year and played all night*

Binge gaming is my plight v-v Very unhealthy but I must say, effective when trying to beat.
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