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Final Fantasy XII Insanity

We're more of a supporting role

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Is your love for Final Fantasy XII a little out of hand?

Do you find yourself thinking about the characters in wacky situations in your spare time?

Do you need a place to let loose and just tell people about your daydream of Balthier shopping for groceries?

Then hop into the Strahl with us and travel to an Ivalice that's just a little off in every way.

You're entering Final Fantasy XII Insanity!


If you're looking for serious discussions about the game or its characters, you've come to the wrong place!

Even though this is the place for insanity, it is NOT a place for bad mouthing other members or their shipping preferences (whether it's BalFran, Larsa x Penelo or UPS!). Be nice to each other and be silly!


Check out some reviews of our community!

"FF12Insanity may in fact be the worst LJ community I've ever heard of. If I'd ever heard of LJ communities, that is" - Vayne Carudas Solidor, Diplomat, Humanitarian

"Someone told me that FF12Insanity could cure my habit of wearing sunglasses indoors. I don't talk to them anymore" - Al-Cid Margrace, Rozarria's Leading Bachelor

"And it came to pass that FF12Insanity was created on the LiveJournal. Famine and plague stretched across Ivalice, and I of course remained cooped up in my cushy island in the sky" - From the Memoirs of Marquis Halim Ondore IV
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